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eraser challenge?

Sooo… I don’t really know what to write about now. But well at school today something happened and i wanted to cut really badly, and I tried to find the glass piece that I’ve kept in my locker for moments like these. The problem was, that I couldn’t find it. I still don’t get where it went… However, I HAD to cut. At least I had to feel some kind of pain. So i just simply used my eraser. I’ve heard about the eraser challenge? Similar to the salt and ice challenge(that I have done aswell), I suppose. Well, you are supposed to just rub an eraser hard to your skin. I did it on my wrist, obviously, since I always cover it anyways. At first it just turned red, and as I started to push harder it got redder and redder. Finally, some of my first skin layer ripped off. I almost just screamed out loud… It hurt as hell! And it still stings a lot. I’m stupid, I know. I can’t believe I did that… I’m never doing it again… I’ll go for cutting and burning and such.

Though, I’m still kind of curious about doing the salt and ice challenge again… Since it didn’t even hurt. At all. It didn’t even sting a little. I’m pretty sure i somehow did it wrong. I mean come on, on Youtube I’ve seen grown men doing the challenge and they all scream like little girls because it hurts so much. I must’ve done it wrong. Somehow… I kept the freaking ice cube on the salt until it melted completely. It didn’t hurt for a second. It just bored me… Maybe I used a weird kind of salt? I don’t know. Well whatever…


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